NeMo can be downloaded either as a binary pacakge (for some platforms), a source package, or directly from the git repository. In either case, if you are a new user of NeMo, please consider sending a short email to the main developer, describing who you are and what you will use NeMo for. This would be extremely useful in justifying continued funding of this project.

A full range of download option can be found on the project development page.

Release announcements will be made on the nemosim-user mailing list.

Binary installers

The following binary installers are available:

Source package

Source packages of the latest version (0.7.2) are available as a

Git repository

The source code is available (read-only) from the git repository by cloning as follows: git clone git:// This will open the 'master' branch, which is the same as the latest point release. The most recent version is found in the 'develop' branch. To open this: git checkout develop logo